Freefall 3050AD

The player controls Commander Alexander Menon, a cop in the year 3050. In this futuristic setting, humanity has been forced into extremely tall buildings which stretch into an environmentally controlled stratosphere. The increased population density also brought an increase in criminal activity, leading to the formation of the “Drop Corps”, an elite group of law enforcers equipped with laser weapons and advanced skydiving technology.

  • Looking for an original game? Freefall is awesome!

    Reviewer:    AMM “adrian_m” (New England, United States)

    AMM "adrian_m" (New England, United States)
  • Freefall is a great game with a fresh concept. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll play anything quite like it on any other platform.

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  • Freefall by Total Arkade Software is one of the most unique titles to be released on any platform in recent memory. 

    TAKS has crafted what can best be described as a 360-degree free-falling joyride

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  • Dynamic control scheme, ground breaking gameplay & techno soundtrack all contributes to a game that breaks the action shooter mould in every conceivable way.

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  • I remember falling…

    Reviewer:    “nuonite” (West Valley City, Utah United States)

    "nuonite" (West Valley City, Utah United States)
  • Freefall 3050 AD is a totally new concept in video gaming.

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  • It is one of the coolest and original games there is.

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Stayin’ Alive!

The game features 15 levels, and 4 training levels. Each mission starts with the main character launching into a freefall to pursue and shoot down criminals. The player can use weaponry such as laser guns, homing missiles and grenades, as well as specialized tools such as airbrakes or anti-gravity boots to slow the character’s descent. The player must also manage an oxygen supply, as well as the character’s health and shield, all of which can be replenished by collecting pick-ups throughout the levels.

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